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European Artistic Gymnastics Championships
2018 Aug 2-52018 European Championships Women Glasgow (GBR)
  ◊ Results
2017 April 19-237th European Championships Cluj Napoca (ROU)
 ◊ Results
2016 May 25-29European Championships Men Senior and Junior. Bern (SUI)
 ◊ Information and Results
2015 Apr 13-196th European Men’s and Women’s Championships. Montpellier (FRA)
 ◊ Information and Results
2014 May 19-2531st European Men’s Artistic Gymnastics Championships. Sofia (BUL)

2014 May 12-1830th European Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Championships Sofia (BUL)

2013 April 17-215th European Championships Men and Women. Moscow (RUS)

2012 May 21-2730th European Championships Men Seniors and Juniors. Montpellier (FRA)

2012 May 08-1329th European Championships Womens Seniors and Juniors. Bruxelles (BEL)

2011 Apr 06-104th European Artistic Gymnastic Individual Championships. Berlin (GER)

2010 April 28 - May 229th European Championships Artistic Gymnastics Women. Birmingham (GBR)

2010 April 19-2529th European Championships Artistic Gymnastics Men. Birmingham (GBR)

2009 April 02-053rd European men's and women's artistic gymnastic individual Championships. Milan (ITA)

2008 May 07-1128th Men's Artistic Gymnastics European Championships. Lausane (SUI)

2008 April 3-627th Women's European Championships. Clermont-Ferrand (FRA)
2007 April 26-292nd Individual European Championships. Amsterdam (NED)
2006 April 27-3026th Women's European Championships. Volos (GRE)
2006 May 4-727th Men's European Championships. Volos (GRE)
2005 June 2-51st Individual European Championships. Debrecen (HUN)
2004 April 15-1826th Men's European Championships. Ljubljana (SLO)
2004 April 29-225th Women's European Championships. Amsterdam (NED)
2002 April 18-2124th Women's European Championships. Patras (GRE)
2002 April 25-2825th Men's European Championships. Patras (GRE)
2000 May 12-1423rd Women's European Championships. Paris (FRA)
2000 May 25-2824th Men's European Championships. Brehmen (GER)
1998 April 23-2623rd Men's European Championships. St Petersburg (RUS)
1998 April 30-322nd Women's European Championships. St Petersburg (RUS)
1996 May 9-1222nd Men's European Championships. Copenhagen (DEN)
1996 May 16-1921st Women'European Championships. Birmingham (GBR)

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