19th Commonwealth Games 2010

New Delhi (IND)2010 Oct 03-14

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floor exercise Floor Exercise Finals Men
pommel horse Pommel Horse Finals Men
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vault Vault Finals Men
parallel bars Parallel Bars Finals Men
horizontal bar Horizontal Bar Finals Men

Artistic Gymnastics Men

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Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics

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  MAG Teams Finals   2010 Oct 4

19th Commonwealth Games 2010
MAG Teams Finals
1AustraliaAUS43.950 (1)38.900 (3)44.350 (1)46.500 (1)42.700 (1)42.650 (1)259.050
2EnglandENG42.800 (2)41.400 (1)42.900 (2)45.900 (2)42.450 (2)41.300 (2)256.750
3CanadaCAN39.950 (6)40.050 (2)41.350 (5)45.150 (3)40.700 (3)41.300 (2)248.500
4New ZealandNZL41.850 (3)37.650 (6)41.250 (6)44.550 (4)40.250 (4)38.250 (6)243.800
5WalesWAL40.200 (5)38.150 (4)39.650 (7)44.300 (6)38.850 (7)39.300 (5)240.450
6IndiaIND39.750 (7)37.850 (5)41.600 (4)44.450 (5)39.550 (5)37.200 (8)240.400
7CyprusCYP40.250 (4)35.250 (8)41.650 (3)43.050 (8)39.050 (6)40.800 (4)240.050
8MalaysiaMAS36.900 (8)36.600 (7)37.250 (8)43.150 (7)38.750 (8)37.750 (7)230.400
9Isle of ManIOM36.600 (9)34.050 (9)35.650 (9)38.450 (9)36.800 (9)32.100 (9)213.650
Official Results  

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  MAG Individual All-Around Finals   2010 Oct 6

19th Commonwealth Games 2010
MAG Individual All-Around Finals
1 FOLWELL LukeENG14.15013.50014.85015.65014.15013.25085.550
2BECKFORD ReissENG14.80013.60014.20015.05013.50014.30085.450
3JEFFERIS J.AUS13.80012.75014.85015.25014.15013.95084.750
4WHITLOCK MaxENG14.20013.30013.95014.65014.50013.85084.450
5OFFORD SamuelAUS14.15010.55015.10015.50014.05014.00083.350
6KOUDINOV MishaNZL14.25012.55013.95014.55014.30013.40083.000
7PICHLER T.AUS14.50011.20014.30015.30013.85012.70081.850
8KUMAR AshishIND14.85012.50013.70016.20012.70011.85081.800
9KRASIAS DimitrisCYP13.10012.40013.75014.45013.80013.30080.800
10WATSON R.CAN14.00012.70013.55014.25013.25012.75080.500
11GARDINER GrantWAL13.05012.40013.60014.65013.10013.05079.850
12DOWERS TariqCAN13.10013.00011.90015.20012.90013.20079.300
13PENG P.NZL14.35012.15013.55015.35011.60011.75078.750
14KRASIAS MichalisCYP12.90012.35013.05014.00013.45013.00078.750
15CARSON LucasNIR13.15011.10013.00014.50013.70012.75078.200
16HENNESSEY M.WAL13.30010.20013.20014.45013.40013.25077.800
17MCKEE RyanSCO14.00011.30013.00014.95013.35010.95077.550
18LUM Wan FoongMAS12.90012.30012.65013.55013.15012.15076.700
19HEDGES A.IOM13.20011.80012.15014.35012.75012.40076.650
20PURNELL C.WAL13.8508.65013.15015.10012.60012.30075.650
21ALBERT WilliamTRI13.25010.50011.55014.55013.35012.00075.200
22HONIBALL John RobertNAM11.75011.20012.35014.10013.10012.30074.800
23ARISTOTELOUS P.CYP13.05011.35012.00014.20010.50013.50074.600
24ISMAIL M.MAS12.50012.20011.00015.05010.95010.45072.150
Official Results  

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  Floor Exercise Final Men   2010 Oct 7

floor exercise  19th Commonwealth Games 2010
Floor Exercise Final Men
1PICHLER T.AUS6.1008.57514.675
2BECKFORD ReissENG6.1008.52514.625
3KUMAR AshishIND6.5008.0750.114.475
4JEHU SteveENG6.0008.3500.114.250
5ARISTOTELOUS C.CYP5.6007.97513.575
6KOUDINOV MishaNZL5.9007.32513.225
7WIWATOWSKI LukeAUS5.9006.97512.875
8PENG P.NZL5.3006.60011.900
Official Results  

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  Pommel Horse Final Men   2010 Oct 7

Pommel Horse  19th Commonwealth Games 2010
Pommel Horse Final Men
1SELLATHURAI P.AUS6.6008.90015.500
2WHITLOCK MaxENG6.5008.62515.125
3CHAN T.SIN5.7008.50014.200
4GAN Zi Jie GabrielSIN5.1009.05014.150
5FOLWELL LukeENG5.2008.10013.300
6LORAN AndersonCAN5.1007.87512.975
7ROTHE A.WAL4.6007.82512.425
8DOWERS TariqCAN5.1006.90012.000
Official Results  

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  Rings Final Men   2010 Oct 7

rings  19th Commonwealth Games 2010
Rings Final Men
1OFFORD SamuelAUS6.3008.52514.825
2FOLWELL LukeENG6.2008.55014.750
3GEORGALLAS IrodotosCYP6.3008.35014.650
4BECKFORD ReissENG5.3008.90014.200
5KOUDINOV MishaNZL5.6008.37513.975
6SELLATHURAI P.AUS6.3007.45013.750
7SCOTT JasonCAN5.4007.70013.100
8GALVAN IanCAN5.2007.17512.375
Official Results  

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  Vault Final Men   2010 Oct 8

vault  19th Commonwealth Games 2010
Vault Final Men
1FOLWELL LukeENG16.6009.25015.85015.762
2KUMAR AshishIND17.0009.15016.15015.312
3GALVAN IanCAN16.6008.7750.315.07515.037
26.200 9.1000.315.000
4BECKFORD ReissENG15.8009.1750.114.87515.000
5PENG P.NZL16.2008.87515.07515.000
6PURNELL C.WAL16.2008.8750.114.97514.837
7GARDINER GrantWAL16.2008.77514.97514.675
8PICHLER T.AUS16.2007.9500.313.85014.275
Official Results

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  Parallel Bars Final Men   2010 Oct 8

Parallel Bars  19th Commonwealth Games 2010
Parallel Bars Final Men
1JEFFERIS J.AUS6.2008.42514.625
2FOLWELL LukeENG5.5008.70014.200
3SELLATHURAI P.AUS5.1008.90014.000
4HOLYOAKE MarkNZL5.6008.22513.825
5BECKFORD ReissENG5.1008.45013.550
6DOWERS TariqCAN4.9008.40013.300
7SCOTT JasonCAN5.0007.65012.650
8ARISTOTELOUS P.CYP5.1007.37512.475
Official Results  

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  Horizontal Bar Final Men   2010 Oct 8

Horizontal Bar  19th Commonwealth Games 2010
Horizontal Bar Final Men
1KRASIAS DimitrisCYP5.8008.10013.900
2LORAN AndersonCAN5.8007.82513.625
3WHITLOCK MaxENG5.5008.07513.575
4OFFORD SamuelAUS5.1008.45013.550
5BECKFORD ReissENG5.6007.87513.475
6SCOTT JasonCAN5.4008.05013.450
7WIWATOWSKI LukeAUS5.9006.82512.725
8ARISTOTELOUS C. CYP5.9006.50012.400
Official Results  

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