19th Commonwealth Games 2010

New Delhi (IND) 2010 Oct 03-14

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Rhythmic Gymnastics

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Team Finals Women - 19th Commonwealth Games 2010   2010 Oct 5

19th Commonwealth Games 2010
Teams Finals Women
1AustraliaAUS42.550 (1)42.200 (1)38.000 (3)40.950 (1)163.700
2EnglandENG41.500 (2)37.250 (3)39.550 (1)39.900 (2)158.200
3CanadaCAN40.950 (3)38.150 (2)38.200 (2)37.450 (3)154.750
4MalaysiaMAS39.750 (4)36.050 (4)31.950 (7)36.300 (4)144.050
5ScotlandSCO37.900 (7)33.850 (6)34.650 (4)35.600 (5)142.000
6SingaporeSIN37.700 (8)34.450 (5)33.900 (6)34.600 (7)140.650
7New ZealandNZL38.850 (6)32.700 (7)33.950 (5)35.050 (6)140.550
8IndiaIND39.150 (5)24.650 (8)29.150 (8)31.350 (8)124.300
Official Results  

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Women Individual All-Around Final - 19th Commonwealth Games 2010   2010 Oct 6

19th Commonwealth Games 2010
Women All-Around
1MITCHELL L.AUS14.65013.90015.20014.45058.200
2LITTLE EmilyAUS14.85013.75013.75013.50055.850
3BONORA GeorgiaAUS13.80013.35014.30013.50054.950
4CAIRNS ImogenENG14.25012.80013.35014.25054.650
5HUNT JocelynENG13.95012.55013.65013.45053.600
6EDWARDS LauraENG13.75012.75013.40013.00052.900
7KLARENBACH K.CAN13.95012.10011.20012.90050.150
9ANG TracieMAS13.40012.60011.25012.05049.300
10HELDSINGER A.RSA13.45011.65012.30011.60049.000
11SIMPSON V.SCO12.85011.30012.35012.35048.850
12RAE JordanNZL13.25010.50012.55012.40048.700
13LIPTON JordanSCO13.35010.55012.80011.95048.650
14JOHNROSE S.NIR13.05011.20012.30011.55048.100
15LIM Heem WeiSIN13.45011.25012.45010.70047.850
16CHAN Sau WahMAS12.50011.10013.25010.75047.600
17HASNAN N.MAS13.50011.70011.85010.45047.500
18TAY Nicole Xi HuiSIN12.05011.60012.70011.15047.500
19MOON H.NZL12.55010.80011.70012.25047.300
20TAY Tabitha Jia HuiSIN12.25010.80011.80012.15047.000
21REGAN AmySCO13.00011.20011.30011.50047.000
22KHWELA J.RSA13.7509.80010.95012.40046.900
23MITCHELL BrianaNZL12.50010.25011.45011.85046.050
24MCKENNA C.NIR12.85010.60011.65010.65045.750
Official Results  

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  Women Vault Final   2010 Oct 7

vault  19th Commonwealth Games 2010
Women Vault Final
1CAIRNS ImogenENG15.3008.85014.15013.775
2KHWELA J.RSA15.0008.70013.70013.737
3MAY G.CAN15.0008.77513.77513.712
4KLARENBACH K.CAN15.0008.82513.82513.637
5RAE JordanNZL14.6008.75013.35013.162
6ANG TracieMAS15.0008.5750.113.47513.137
7KARMAKAR DipaIND15.0007.4250.112.32512.687
8JOHNROSE S.NIR14.4008.80013.20012.675
Official Results  

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  Women Bars Final   2010 Oct 7

uneven bars  19th Commonwealth Games 2010
Women Bars Final
1MITCHELL L.AUS5.5008.65014.150
2BONORA GeorgiaAUS5.3008.62513.925
4LINDSLEY C.ENG4.2007.70011.900
5LIPTON JordanSCO5.1006.55011.650
6LIM Heem WeiSIN4.1007.27511.375
7HUNT JocelynENG4.4006.82511.225
Official Results  

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  Women Beam Final   2010 Oct 8

beam  19th Commonwealth Games 2010
Women Beam Final
1MITCHELL L.AUS6.3008.17514.475
2LIM Heem WeiSIN4.8008.02512.825
4EDWARDS LauraENG5.0007.75012.750
5DION CatherineCAN4.8007.92512.725
6KHWELA J.RSA5.5007.00012.500
7SIMPSON V.SCO4.7007.65012.350
8CAIRNS ImogenENG4.8007.15011.950
Official Results  

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  Women Floor Exercise Final   2010 Oct 8

floor exercise  19th Commonwealth Games 2010
Women Floor Exercise Final
1CAIRNS ImogenENG5.7008.50014.200
2MITCHELL L.AUS5.7008.22513.925
3BRENNAN A.AUS5.3008.2250.113.425
4REGAN AmySCO5.0008.07513.075
5EDWARDS LauraENG5.0008.0250.112.925
6HELDSINGER A.RSA4.5007.97512.475
7RAE JordanNZL4.7006.9000.111.500
8ANG TracieMAS5.0006.6000.411.200
Official Results  

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