2010 Canadian Gymnastics Championships

Kamloops, BC (CAN). 2010 May 24-30

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Tuesday, May 25

15:00: WAG - Junior (Qualfication) Results
19:00: WAG - Senior (Qualification) Results

Wednesday, May 26

08:00: WAG - Novice (Team)
09:00: TG (Qualification)
09:30: MAG - Argo (Day 1 ) Results
13:30: WAG - Novice (Team)
WAG HP Novice Preliminary
WAG National Novice Preliminary
WAG Novice Team
13:30: TG (Qualification)
14:30: MAG - Open (Day 1)
MAG National Open Team
MAG National Open AA
18:30: TG (Qualification)
Tumbling: Wednesday Prelims
Trampoline: Wednesday Prelims
DMT: Wednesday Prelims
19:00: MAG - Tyro & Junior (Day 1)
HP Tyro Day 1    HP Junior Day 1

Thursday, May 27

08:00: WAG - Open (Team)
09:30: MAG - Argo (Day 2)
MAG HP Argo Combined
12:30: WAG - Open (Team)
WAG National Open Team
WAG National Open National Open Preliminary
13:00: TG (Qualification)
TUM Tumbling: Thursday afternoon
TRA Trampoline: Thursday afternoon
DMT Thursday afternoon
SYN Thursday afternoon
14:00: MAG - Youth (Day 1)
MAG National Open Preliminary
MAG National Youth Team
18:30: WAG - Junior & Senior (All Around Finals)
WAG Senior AA
WAG Junior AA
18:30: MAG - Senior (Day 1)
MAG Senior AA
19:30: TG (Finals)
TRA Thursday Finals

Friday, May 28

08:00: WAG - National Novice (Finals)
WAG National Novice Finals
09:00: TG - (Finals)
TUM Tumbling Finals
TRA Trampoline Finals
DMT DMT Finals
SYN Synchro Finals
12:30: WAG - Novice HP (Finals)
WAG HP Novice Finals
13:30: TG - (Finals)
TRA Finals
14:00: MAG - Youth & Open (Finals)
MAG National Youth Event Finals
MAG National Open Event Finals
18:30: WAG - Open 13-15 (Finals)
WAG National Open 13-15
18:30: MAG - Tyro & Junior (Day 2)
MAG Tyro AA & Event Finals
MAG HP Junior AA
18:30: TG - (Finals)
Team Finals Competition

Saturday, May 29

08:00: WAG - Open 16 (Finals)
WAG National Open 16 All-Around
WAG National Open 16 Event Finals
13:30: TG - (Finals)
TRA TUM Finals Saturday
15:00: WAG - Junior & Senior (Finals)
WAG Senior Event Finals
WAG Junior Event Finals
15:00: MAG - Senior (Finals)
MAG Senior Event Finals

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