The Code of Points

The Code of Points is a rulebook that defines the scoring system for each level of competition in gymnastics. Different levels of the sport, different disciplines and different countries each have their own code of points. The FIG, the gymnastics governing body, sets the code of points for elite level competition.

Here you can find current and past codes of points for the elite level. If you have any older CoPs not listed here, please do get in touch at gymres@gmail.com to send us them!

Current Elite Code of Points

WAG CoP 2022-2024 MAG CoP 2022-2024

Previous Elite Code of Points

WAG CoP 2017-2020 WAG CoP 2017-2020 Appendix MAG CoP 2017-2020 MAG CoP 2017-2020 Appendix WAG CoP 2013-2016 WAG CoP 2009-2012 WAG CoP 2006-2008 WAG CoP 2001-2005 WAG CoP 1997-2000 WAG CoP 1993-1996 WAG CoP 1989-1992 WAG CoP 1985-1988 WAG CoP 1979
Many thanks to Paul and @Pamchenkova and @lari4tokyo on Twitter for some of these older CoPs!