13th African Championships 2016
Coupole Alger Alger (ALG)
2016 Mar 23-26

13th African Championships 2016 Alger (ALG) 2016 Mar 23-26

Women Senior - Finals

All-Around Final Women Senior Team Final Women Senior
Vault Final Women Senior Uneven Bars Final Women Senior Beam Final Women Senior Floor Exercise Final Women Senior

Women Senior - Qualification

All Around Qualification Women Senior Vault Qualification Women Senior 2 Vaults Qualification Women Senior Uneven Bars Qualification Women Senior Beam Qualification Women Senior Floor Exercise Qualification Women Senior

Men Senior - Finals

All-Around Final Men Senior Team Final Men Senior
Floor Exercise Final Men Senior Pommel Horse Final Men Senior Rings Final Men Senior Vault Final Men Senior Parallel Bars Final Men Senior Horizontal Bar Final Men Senior

Men Senior - Qualification

All Around Qualification Men Senior Floor Exercise Qualification Men Senior Pommel Horse Qualification Men Senior Rings Qualification Men Senior Vault Qualification Men Senior 2 Vaults Qualification Men Senior Parallel Bars Qualification Men Senior Horizontal Bar Qualification Men Senior

Women Junior - Finals

All-Around Final Women Junior Team Final Women Junior
Vault Final Women Junior Uneven Bars Final Women Junior Beam Final Women Junior Floor Exercise Final Women Junior

Women Junior - Qualification

All Around Qualification Women Junior Vault Qualification Women Junior 2 Vaults Qualification Women Junior Uneven Bars Qualification Women Junior Beam Qualification Women Junior Floor Exercise Qualification Women Junior

Men Junior - Finals

All-Around Final Men Junior Team Final Men Junior
Floor Exercise Final Men Junior Pommel Horse Final Men Junior Rings Final Men Junior Vault Final Men Junior Parallel Bars Final Men Junior Horizontal Bar Final Men Junior

Men Junior - Qualification

All Around Qualification Men Junior Floor Exercise Qualification Men Junior Pommel Horse Qualification Men Junior Rings Qualification Men Junior Vault Qualification Men Junior 2 Vaults Qualification Men Junior Parallel Bars Qualification Men Junior Horizontal Bar Qualification Men Junior


Disciplines, categories and age:
  • Men’s Artistic Gymnastics - Senior 18 years and older
  • Women’s Artistic Gymnastics - Senior 16 years and older
  • Men’s Artistic Gymnastics - Junior 17 years and younger
  • Women’s Artistic Gymnastics - Junior 15 years and younger
  • Aerobic Gymnastics (Age Group 1, Age Group 2, Senior)


Saturday March 19
Arrival of delegationse
Sunday March 20
Arrival of delegations
Neutrals judges and representatives UAG-FIG
Free training
Monday March 21

Free training
Orientation Meeting
Technical Meeting (MAG, WAG, AER)
Tuesday March 22
Podium Training Juniors MAG/WAG, AER (Individuals, Mixed Pair, Trio)
Podium Training Seniors MAG/WAG, AER (Individuals, Mixed Pair, Trio)
Wednesday March 23

Competition : I-II WAG Juniors
Competition qualification AER Juniors
Opening ceremony
Competition I-II MAG Juniors
Competition AER Seniors
Thursday March 24
Competition I-II WAG Seniors
Competition I-II MAG Seniors
Competition AER Final Juniors
Friday March 25
Apparatus Final Juniors (MAG 3, WAG 2)
Apparatus Final Seniors (MAG 3, WAG 2)
Competition AER Finale Seniors
Saturday March 26
Apparatus Final Juniors (MAG 3, WAG 2)
Apparatus Final Seniors (MAG 3, WAG 2)
Sunday March 27
Departure of delegations

13th African Championships 2016 Alger (ALG) 2016 Mar 23-26