20th South American Artistic Gymnastics
Junior Championship

El Campeonato Sudamericano
Infantil y Juvenil 2011 de Gimnasia Artística

Cucuta (COL) 2011 September 17-18

Artistic Gymnastics Results

Men and Women

Results Men Infantil

Teams Men Infantil - Equipos
All-Around Men Infantil - Clasificacion Individual
Floor Exercise Men Infantil - Suelo
Pommel Horse Men Infantil - Arzones
Rings Men Infantil - Anillos
Vault Men Infantil - Salto
Parallel Bars Men Infantil - Paralelas
Horizontal Bar Men Infantil - Barra

Results Women Infantil

Teams Women Infantil - Equipos
All-Around Women Infantil - Clasificacion Individual
Vault Women Infantil - Salto
Vault Women Infantil - Asimétricas
Vault Women Infantil - Viga
Vault Women Infantil - Suelo

Results Men Juvenil

Teams Men Juvenil - Equipos
All-Around Men Juvenil - Clasificacion Individual
Floor Exercise Men Juvenil - Suelo
Pommel Horse Men Juvenil - Arzones
Rings Men Juvenil - Anillos
Vault Men Juvenil - Salto
Parallel Bars Men Juvenil - Paralelas
Horizontal Bar Men Juvenil - Barra

Results Women Juvenil

Teams Women Juvenil - Equipos
All-Around Women Juvenil - Clasificacion Individual
Vault Women Juvenil - Salto
Vault Women Juvenil - Asimétricas
Vault Women Juvenil - Viga
Vault Women Juvenil - Suelo


List of Participants

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