Swiss Cup 2010

Zurich (SUI) 2010 Oct 3l

Artistic Gymnastics Results

Individuals Finals



Participating Pairs
* Swiss Team 1: Ariella Kaeslin / Claudio Capelli
* Swiss Team 2: Giulia Steingruber / Roman Gisi
* Team China: Zhang Yelinzi / Huang Yuguo
* Team Germany 1: Elisabeth Seitz / Fabian Hambuchen
* Team Germany 2: Lisa Katharina Hill / Sebastian Krimmer
* Team France: Marine Brevet / Yann Cucherat
* Team Great Britain: Imogen Cairns / Kristian Thomas
* Team Italy: Vanessa Ferrari / Matteo Morandi
* Team Netherlands: Marlies Rijken / Jeffrey Wammes
* Team Romania: Sandra Izbasa / Flavius Koczi
* Team Ukraine: Anastasiia Koval / Mykola Kuksenkov
Swiss Cup Zürich - Oct 31 2010
Hallenstadion Zurich

11.00 Doors open to Foyer
11.45 Doors open to Stadium for Visitors
12.30 Show Begins: General Program
13.00 Opening Ceremony and Team Presentation
13.10 Preliminary Competition
15.05 Break
15.35 Half Final Competition
16.25 Show Act „Maxime Pythoud, Roue Cyr“
16.30 Final Competition
17.00 Award Ceremony
17.15 End of Event

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