Gymnastics results

29th Rhythmic Gymnastics
World Championships

Mie (JPN) 2009 Sep 7-13


Mon, Tue Sep 7-8   Individual Qualification
Rope Qualification
Hoop Qualification
Tue Sep 8   Individual Final
Rope Final
Hoop Final
Wed, Thu Sep 9-10   Individual Qualification
All-Around Qualification
Ball Qualification
Ribbon Qualification
Thu Sep 10   Teams and Individual Final
Ball Final
Ribbon Final
Fri Sep 11   Individual Final
All-Around Final
Sat Sep 12   Group Qualification
Group Qualification 5 Hoop
Group Qualification 3 Ribbon 2 Rope
Sat Sep 12   Group Final
Group General
Sun Sep 13   Group Final
Group Final 5 Hoop
Group Final 3 Ribbon 2 Rope
Other Information
Nominative entries
Nominative entries Group
Start List
Judges Assignments Qual
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 Gymnastics Results   
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